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Cat Foster Caregiver

Feline Foster Caregiver Job Description

A Feline Foster Caregiver is responsible for caring for animals identified by MSPCA employees who require an extended stay in our care due to a varying range of needs. Foster Caregiver should have a deep sense of compassion and a strong desire to help both animals and people. Foster Caregivers are responsible for providing daily care to their foster pet(s), closely observing and monitoring their foster pet(s) physical and behavioral health, and documenting important personality or behavioral traits of their foster pet(s), in addition to taking photos and videos that can be shared with potential adopters.

We ask that Foster Caregivers demonstrate and embrace the organizational values of Compassion, Integrity, Collaboration, Excellence, Service and Positivity in carrying out day to day tasks as well as interactions with others.


  • House foster animal(s) in your home.
  • Ensure foster animal(s) are provided with the best possible care. These incudes but is not limited to, providing clean and sanitary enclosures, provide proper food, water and bedding and provide enrichment.
  • Foster Caregivers are required to attend orientation in order to qualify for this role.
  • Have the ability to remain confidential about animals in our care.
  • Reliable transportation to pick up/drop off and transport your foster animal to and from the shelter for necessary appointments.
  • Ability to travel to all four shelter locations to pick up foster animal(s).
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Ability to closely observe your foster pet and report information back to your foster care coordinator.

Physical Requirements:

  • Able to lift, push, pull or carry objects and/or animals weighing up to 30lbs.
  • Must be able to manage any animal related allergies with medication.

Emotional and Mental Requirements:

  • Able to maintain composure during challenging and/or emotionally charged situations.
  • Able to work with staff, fellow volunteers and clients in an empathetic and supportive manner.

Required Skills & Attributes:

  • Ability to work well and communicate effectively with the public, staff and fellow volunteers.
  • Have regular access to a computer or smart device to complete necessary forms.
  • Ability to remain positive and judgement free in challenging situations.
  • Ability to pass a criminal background check.

Apply To Be a Feline Foster Caregiver

Foster Caregivers have the option to progress through our foster program by attending additional trainings to allow them to foster animals with a larger range of needs. These trainings are held regularly and can be attended any time after the Foster Caregiver has completed the orientation process. The trainings and brief descriptions can be found below:

Orphaned Newborns:

Kittens that come into our care without a mom. Can range in age from newborn to 8 weeks old. They are too young to be adopted and depending on age, require bottle feeding or other supportive care (weaning onto solid food, litterbox training).

Pregnant/Nursing Moms:

Pregnant or already nursing cats with kittens that come into our care in need a comfortable place to go until kittens are old enough for adoption. Mom does most of the work but both mom and kittens will require daily care and monitoring.

Fearful Felines:

For some pets, a shelter is a stressful place and they are looking for a chance to open up in a practice home. Some pets require more life skills or simply someone to really care and help them adjust to their life changes!

Temporary Custody:

Owned cats who come into our care for safe housing until their owners can take them home or cats that have been seized by our law enforcement division and held as evidence while the case works through the court system. It is more comfortable for the cat(s) to spend this duration of time in a home setting.

Medical Level I:

Some of our cats and kittens need a bit of time to recover either after surgeries or from medical conditions. Foster animals in this category will require medication to be given orally and to be monitored closely for improvement or worsening symptoms.

Medical Level II:

On Occasion, we care for cats and Kittens who have more complex medical needs and will need to remain in our care for an extended period of time. Foster animals within this category will require injectable medication and need to remain in a foster home until they have been adopted.