Guardian Angel Fund

Every day, animals come to the MSPCA needing medical care.  These are animals that are found ill or injured wandering outside, victims of animal abuse, or surrendered by their owners who are struggling financially.  The Guardian Angel Fund allows the Cape Cod Animal Care and Adoption Center to pay for injured or sick animals, from medication and exams to surgery and recovery.  Every contribution has a significant impact on the lives of homeless, injured, neglected, and mistreated animals.  We offer these animals a safe haven and all the care they deserve.  In 2015, we invested thousands of dollars for over 50 animals thanks to the Guardian Angel Fund, all of which found loving homes after recovering from their medical conditions.  Please consider a donation to the Guardian Angel Fund, and help us continue to provide the best in veterinary care for our animals

To donate to the Guardian Angel Fund, either click here to make an online donation, mail your donation, or visit the Adoption Center during open hours. 

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Gizmo's Story

6-year-old Gizmo was brought to us by Law Enforcement from an owner who could no longer care for him.  He was severely emaciated when he arrived at only 16.8lbs and suffered from painful ear infections as well as teeth desperate for cleaning.  Only with us for five days, Gizmo quickly chose his new mom and soon thereafter gained weight and sported a beautiful, healthy coat!  Now known as Bentley, he continues to thrive and charm everyone he meets in his adoptive home.

Oscar's Story

Oscar the Wonder Cat lives up to his name!  He arrived with numerous medical issues, including gruesome abscess on his neck, puncture wounds on his face and neck, and a painful eye ailment that caused him to shed tears constantly.  The poor fellow had to wear a drain for his abscess and ultimately underwent Entropion surgery for his eye.  Oscar never lost the spring in his step nor his happy-go-lucky disposition and funny personality.  He now shares a home with several other adopted cats and enjoys a very comfortable life.

Angora Rabbits

Six Angora Rabbits came to us by Law Enforcement and the Town of Truro in rough shape upon arrival, as they had been kept in a dingy basement in abysmal conditions for years as part of an illegal slaughterhouse.  All six were infected with a zoonotic mite called ‘walking dandruff,’ which required our team to wear special clothing to treat them over the course of five weeks—and one of them needed extensive dental work.  And fortunately, for the rabbits, finding new homes did not take long once they healed, as they were incredibly social and friendly.

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