Nevins Bench Sponsorship

Sponsor a Nevins Park Bench & Save Lives!

Help defray the cost of caring for animals here at Nevins Farm by sponsoring an outdoor park bench.  Your contribution is tax-deductible, and helps pay for the day-to-day needs for our animals while they are in our care.  And by sponsoring a Nevins park bench, you’ll be honoring a space where potential adopters are meeting their new animal best friends!

Why sponsor?

How Do I Sponsor?

While we make every effort to select a bench in your preferred location at Nevins, the exact location of your sponsored bench may vary as the needs of the property shift.

Sponsorship Gifts

The gift of love and caring for animals in need is a great way to recognize that special someone in your life who has everything already!  When you choose sponsorship as a gift, please let us know so that we may send an acknowledgement card for the recipient.

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