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Animal Advocate Spotlight

The most important part of the Animal Action Team are the advocates who work hard to protect the animals in their communities. In our bi-monthly e-newsletter, we have created a segment called Advocate Spotlight, where we can shine a light on advocates who have used their voices to make a difference for animals. Check out the stories of the advocates, and learn how they made change for animals. If you are interested in becoming a more active advocate for animals make sure to join the Animal Action Team, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube to keep up with calls to action and important information on how you can make a difference for animals. Also, learn more on our webpage about local ordinances.

Jackson Holmes Advocates for Ban on Traveling Exotic Animal Acts

Twelve year old Jackson Holmes testified in July 2023 in support of proposed state legislation that would ban traveling exotic animal acts using giraffes, bears, non-human primates, elephants and big cats. These shows not only subject these animals to abusive training and extreme confinement, but also place the public at risk of serious injury and zoonotic disease transmission. Learn more about this issue. Below, Jackson discusses what motivated him to testify on this legislation, what the experience was like and what advice he has for other young people wanting to help animals.

Read about Jackson's Experience

Girl Scout Ava Toomey Advocates for Ban on Dangerous Pesticides

Ava Toomey, an 11-year-old Girl Scout, is asking legislators to support H. 825/S. 487: “An Act relative to pesticides,” to protect wildlife from rodenticide poisoning. Ava learned about the dangers of rodenticides when she saw a wildlife sanctuary video of Hawkins the fox receiving treatment for secondary rodenticide poisoning. Fortunately he was able to be rehabilitated and released into the wild. Ava reached out to bill sponsors, Rep. Hawkins and Sen. Feeney, to ask how she could help. From there, Ava began her advocacy work, tabling at farmers’ markets, creating a PSA, and testifying at the legislation’s public hearing.

Read about Ava's Experience

Nirva Patel and Family Pass Lexington Fur Ban

After having won a successful campaign in Weston to ban the retail sale of fur, Nirva Patel turned her focus to Lexington. Working closely with her father-in-law, who lives in Lexington, and her kids, Nirva was able to help Lexington bring their own fur ban bylaw across the finish line, this one with even more protections than the Weston ban. Click through to read our interview.

Behind the Retail Fur Ban in Lexington

College Student Lauren Nessralla Passes Plymouth Fur Ban

In April 2022, college student Lauren Nesralla led a successful campaign to ban the retail sale of fur in her hometown of Plymouth. Lauren had been involved in animal advocacy for several years, including on the topic of fur, and when she saw the passage of a fur ban in Brookline by a local teen, she decided to do the same for her community of Plymouth. Read on to learn about Lauren’s experience.

Behind the Retail Fur Ban in Plymouth

Ezra Kleinbaum, 9th Grader, Passes Fur Ban in Brookline

In December of 2021, Brookline became the third municipality in Massachusetts to ban the retail sale of fur. This ordinance was passed by Brookline 9th grader, Ezra Kleinbaum. Read on to learn about Ezra’s experience. You’re never too young to make a difference. As Ezra puts it: “Just because you’re young doesn’t mean your voice isn’t powerful.”

Behind the Retail Fur Ban in Brookline

Everett City Councilor and ACO Take on Pest Control Companies with Local Legislation

In the summer of 2020, Everett’s Animal Control Officer Stacia Gorgone received several reports and pictures from residents depicting trapped animals who were left for more than 24 hours in the sun during some hot 90-degree days. The traps had been set by pest control companies. Unfortunately, before this ordinance, the ACO did not have the ability to intervene.

Stacia brought the issue to Everett City Councilor Stephanie Martins, and together they worked on and passed a pest control ordinance that now gives the Everett ACO jurisdiction over these companies and animals. Read on to learn how they did it and what advice they give citizens who are looking to pass a similar measure.

Behind the Pest Control Ordinance

Liza Oliver Leads Ban on Fur in Wellesley, Paving the Way for Massachusetts

In October of 2020, Wellesley became the first municipality outside of California to ban the retail sale of fur. Advocate Liza Oliver spearheaded this campaign by immersing herself in the issue, and learning what it takes to pass a bylaw in a municipality with a representative town meeting style of government. Read on to learn about her success and her biggest takeaways.

Behind the Retail Fur Ban in Wellesley

Jenne Sindoni takes on the Wilmington Circus

Animal advocate Jenne Sindoni was tired of seeing exploited, exotic, circus animals come through her town every year – so she did something about it. Read our interview with her, and how she was able to spearhead the effort to end exotic animals in traveling acts from performing in Wilmington, MA – even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Behind the Wilmington Ban to end Wild Animal Acts

Advocates Share Stories on Banning the Sale of Puppies and Kittens at Pet Shops

Tara Buonanno Williams and Leslie Luppino were both critical in the passage of ordinances that ban the sale of puppies and kittens in pet shops – Tara in Stoneham and Leslie in Pittsfield. Read on to learn about their experiences, how they became involved with this issue, what tactics they found to be most effective, and advice for other Massachusetts residents who would like to become more involved in animal advocacy.

Behind the Successful Pet Shop Ordinances

Martha Sanders's Road to Victory in Topsfield

Animal Advocate Martha Sanders introduced the victorious bylaw that banned the use of exotic animals in traveling shows in the town of Topsfield in May, 2019. Read about her experience, what surprised her the night of the vote, and what advice she would give others thinking about taking on a municipal ordinance effort in their own community.

Behind the Topsfield Ban on Exotic Animals in Performing Acts

Carole Dembek's Fight to End Wildlife Killing Contests

Carole Dembek, a citizen animal advocate, became an integral part of the successful campaign to end wildlife killing contests in the Commonwealth. Read on to learn about Carole’s experience, how she became involved, what tactics she found to be most effective when making change through a state agency, and her advice for other Massachusetts residents who would like to become more involved in animal advocacy.

Behind the Campaign to End Wildlife Killing Contests

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