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When studied in their natural environments, turkeys are intelligent, playful birds, with personalities as varied as cats and dogs.

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Learn about the life of a turkey raised for meat on a factory farm.


With tens of thousands of different species, fish and crustacean behaviors, habits and abilities vary wildly.  Typically, fish can be defined as cold-blooded, aquatic vertebrates.  They usually have streamlined bodies, breathe underwater through the use of gills, have two sets of paired fins, have a jaw and have skin that is covered with scales.   Fish have an important role in many cultures, including ours, ranging from being seen as religious symbols to subjects of books and popular movies.

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Several crustaceans are consumed by humans, the vast majority of which consists of crabs, lobsters, shrimp and prawns. Crustaceans are characterized by their jointed appendages and hard shells. Most live in either fresh water or marine environments, but a few have adapted to life on land, such as terrestrial crabs.

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Learn about the life of a fish/crustacean harvested from the sea or raised on a fishery.

Ducks and Geese

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Learn about the life of a duck or goose raised for foie gras.

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