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Federal Legislation

Bills We Support

Companion Animals

H.R. 8659 – AVERT Future Violence Act of 2022

This bill would conduct a study to better understand and respond to the link between animal cruelty and interpersonal violence/gun violence.

H.R. 6100 Goldie’s Act

This bill would amend the Animal Welfare Act to increase enforcement with respect to violations of that Act, and for other purposes.

H.R. 3335 Greyhound Protection Act of 2021

This bill would amend the Wire Act to clarify that gambling on commercial greyhound racing and field coursing using wire communication technology is prohibited.

Marine Animals

H.R. 406/S.1106 – Shark Fin Sales Elimination Act of 2021

*Included in H.R.7776 – James M. Inhofe National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2023*

This bill would make it illegal to possess, buy, or sell shark fins or any product containing shark fins. It would be acceptable to possess a shark fin only if it was taken with a license or permit and used for noncommercial subsistence or for research purposes.

Animals Used in Research

H.R. 197 – FACT Act (Federal Accountability in Chemical Testing Act)

This bill would amend the ICCVAM Authorization Act of 2000 to improve reporting about animal testing and alternative test method use by Federal agencies. The amendments would related to the “Reporting Requirements” and “Provision of Information” sections.

H.R.6207/S.3357 – Humane Cosmetics Act of 2021

This bill generally prohibits animal testing in the evaluation of cosmetic products and also the sale or transport of cosmetics developed using animal testing. These prohibitions begin one year after enactment. Further, no animal-testing evidence may be used to establish the safety of a cosmetic product or ingredient that is regulated by the FDA after the effective date of this bill, subject to limited exceptions.

Exceptions include if such animal testing (1) is conducted outside the United States to comply with a foreign regulatory authority; (2) is pursuant to a specified finding that there are no non-animal alternatives to test the safety of a potentially dangerous cosmetic product or ingredient; (3) is of a product or ingredient for a drug or device subject to regulation by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA); or (4) is required for a non-cosmetic purpose pursuant to a state, federal, or foreign regulatory authority.

H.R.1744 – Humane Research and Testing Act of 2021

This bill establishes the National Center for Alternatives to Animal Research and Testing within the National Institutes of Health to promote alternatives to animal research and testing and to reduce the number of animals used in such research and testing. In addition, federal departments or agencies and federally funded research entities that use animals for research and testing must develop plans to reduce the use of animals in their activities. They must also annually report the number of animals that they use to the center, and the center must make this information publicly available.

Wildlife Protection

H.R. 263/S.1210Big Cat Public Safety Act

This bill would amend the Captive Wildlife Safety Act to prohibit the possession of lions, tigers, leopards, cheetahs, jaguars, cougars, or any hybrid of these species by individuals who are not licensed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). It is narrowly focused on privately owned animals and includes exemptions for sanctuaries, universities, and zoos. Current owners are grandfathered in and are simply required to register their animals with the government to ensure that first responders and animal control officers are aware of the presence of such animals in their communities. This bill also restricts direct contact between the public and big cats.

H.R.151/S.37 – Preventing Future Pandemics Act

This bill would address the public health risks posed by wildlife markets, and for other purposes.

Markets where live wild animals are sold are a risk to human health and can be sources of dangerous zoonotic diseases. This bill would ban the import, export, and sale of certain live wildlife in the U.S. when the primary purpose is for human consumption, and also position the U.S. as a global leader in zoonotic disease prevention.

H.R. 4716 Refuge from Cruel Trapping Act of 2021

This legislation will help restore the original purpose of the National Wildlife Refuge System as a sanctuary for wildlife by prohibiting the use of cruel body-gripping traps on these public, protected lands.

* = Original cosponsor

updated 5/24/2022

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