2016 – Animals in Cruelty Cases

H. 1220: An Act updating the law relating to posting a security for seized animals in cruelty cases

MSPCA Position: Support
Sponsor: Representative Linda Campbell
Status: Signed by the Governor!

About the bill:

This bill would make a few, mostly technical, changes in this statute that passed in 2002 that remedied a problem that occurs when animals must be seized as the result of cruelty investigations.

The law (M.G.L. Ch. 272 §104) now allows an authority that seizes an animal pursuant to applicable animal cruelty or fighting statutes to request the court to order a bond to cover the costs of caring for the animal during the period of time the animal is held until the case is adjudicated.

The reason this law was enacted was to remedy problems that occur when animals must be seized as the result of cruelty investigations:

With this law, many cases have been resolved more quickly and animals placed in permanent homes in a more expeditious and humane manner.  However, there have been some issues that have limited this statute from being as effective a tool as it can be.  Highlights include:

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