Legislative Scorecard

MSPCA Legislative Scorecard Highlights Massachusetts Legislators’ Voting History on Animal Welfare

To view the scorecard (it also includes some older votes), please visit

This scorecard/spreadsheet is meant to assist you in learning a bit about your state legislators, through their sponsorship, co-sponsorship and other actions on animal-related bills. There are few recorded roll call votes, so we have relied on several actions to try to give you as much information as possible. The information should be helpful, however, it does have limitations. It doesn’t reflect all or past actions a legislator may have taken to help or harm animals. For example, the scorecard does not necessarily reflect when a legislator testified for or against an animal protection measure, made a phone call to push or stop an animal bill, or when they may have helped a constituent with an animal concern in their district. Therefore, as always, we encourage you to meet with your legislators (in either the State House or their district office), write to them, and ask them about their positions on specific animal issues. If your legislators have been supportive of animal issues, please take a few minutes to thank them.

We also encourage people who care about animals to join our Animal Action Team.

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