Using the Media to Raise Awareness for Animal Protection

Both Op-Eds and Letters to the Editor are extremely effective and powerful ways for animal advocates to educate both the public and key policy makers on important animal protection issues.

Letters to the Editor

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Letters to the Editor are a great and easy way to get your opinion widespread attention and educate the public on important issues. Letters to the editor respond to something previously published in the paper. The editorial page is one of the most widely read pages in the newspaper.They are shorter than op-eds, generally a few paragraphs instead of several hundred words.

Newspapers receive more letters than they can print, but don’t get discouraged.  Newspapers can be influenced by letters they don’t print, so keep writing.  Below are some hints to help you craft an effective letter to the editor.  You can also always ask for assistance, facts, or for someone to review it at

Op-Ed (Opinion-Editorial)

Op-eds are articles written by local citizens, experts, and leaders of organizations that appear opposite the editorial page of a national, state, or local newspaper.

Massachusetts Newspapers

You likely already know which papers cover your area.  However, here are a few websites with listings of Massachusetts newspapers.  If you need help finding a local paper or deciding where to send a letter, contact

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