Tribute, Honor, and Memorial Giving

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For many of us, animals occupy a special place in our hearts reserved for our most loved friends and family. Make a gift in celebration, memoriam, or honor of a loved one.

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"Tree of Life" Tribute Sculpture

Enter the lobby of Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston and you’ll see an elegant “Tree of Life” brass sculpture, created by artist Sanford Werfel in 1990 in honor of Angell’s 75th anniversary. By adding an engraved brass leaf, branch or foundation stone to the Tree, you create a lasting, visual expression of love and respect for your friend, family member or animal companion. If you have questions, please call Brie Salamone at (617) 541-5046 or click below.

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Tribute Web Pages

Create a tribute web page to commemorate an important life event or celebrate the life of a loved one. Your webpage will provide a place to share memories and give friends and family the opportunity to make a gift on behalf of the honoree. Setting up your page is easy, free, and only takes a few moments to create.

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Honor eCards

Make a donation in honor of a loved one and we’ll send an eCard indicating that a gift was made in their name. Celebrate birthdays, holidays, or “just because” moments by making a gift in someone’s honor.

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Angell Benchmarks

The Angell Benchmarks program allows donors to honor or remember beloved people or animals with a plaque that will be installed in Angell’s waiting rooms. If you have a significant tribute gift in mind and would like to find out more about Angell Benchmarks, please contact Alice Bruce, Vice President of Development: (617) 541-5045 or email her by clicking below.

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