MSPCA-Angell Headquarters

350 South Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02130
(617) 522-7400
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Angell Animal Medical Centers – Boston

350 South Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02130
(617) 522-7282
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Angell West

293 Second Avenue, Waltham, MA 02451
(781) 902-8400
For on-site assistance (check-ins and pick-ups):
(339) 970-0790
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Angell at Nashoba – Low-Cost Wellness Care

100 Littleton Road, Westford, MA 01886
(978) 577-5992
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Animal Care and Adoption Centers – Boston

350 South Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02130
(617) 522-5055
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Animal Care and Adoption Centers – Cape Cod

1577 Falmouth Road, Centerville, MA 02632
(508) 775-0940
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Animal Care and Adoption Centers – Nevins Farm

400 Broadway, Methuen, MA 01844
(978) 687-7453
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More Ways to Donate

From an online gift to a charitable gift annuity, your contribution will have a significant impact in the lives of thousands of animals.

Circle of Friends: Caring for Animals into the Future

The MSPCA-Angell established the Circle of Friends to honor those who have provided support for the Society through bequests, life income plans, or other creative gift arrangements.  These legacy gifts support the MSPCA-Angell’s mission to protect animals, relieve their suffering, advance their health and welfare, prevent cruelty, and work for a just and compassionate society – today and for years to come.  



Circle of Friends members*:


Hatim and Marianne Abuselmi

Frederick and Barbara Alden

Charlene Allen and Joanne Cancro

Ms. Lisa D. Allen

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Ames

Lynne Anuszczyk

Ms. Diane Armillei

Louis and Diane Armillei

Ms. Patricia Ash

Ms. Debra L. Ashton

Mrs. Harriet Aspden

Mr. Norman E. Aubrey

Ms. Lillian P. Austin

Ms. Bobbi Baker

Mrs. Elizabeth J. Baldarelli

Dr. Christopher Balestra, Esq.

Mr. Charles J. Balkin III

Ms. Maureen C. Balter

Dan and Carolyn Bandklayder

Ms. Judith D. Barber

Heidi and Paul Barclay

Ms. Ruth L. Barnett

Ms. Kim E. Barrett

Dr. Florence B. Barton

Eleanor and Stephen Baskam

Michael and Andrea Bean

Ms. Jane B. Beckwith

Ms. Harriet Begelfer

Ms. Helen E. Bellows

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Bellwood

Ben Beyea Foundation

Ms. Nancy Z. Bender

Mr. Alvah Bennett, Jr.

Edward and Geraldine Bennett

Dr. Joan Bentinck-Smith

Ms. Carol S. Bergeson

Mr. Andrew Biagini

Harvey Bidwell and Nancy Binner

Christopher and Rose Bigelow

Ms. Elaine L. Birkholz

Ms. Joy W. Bishop

Ms. Hannah R. Bodkins

Dr. Carol F. Boerner

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Bono

Ms. Anne Booth

Ms. Denise Bouthiller

Ms. Julieanne Bovat

John J. Bowen

Ms. Linda K. Bowman

Ms. Linda M. Breen

Mrs. Joanne Bresciani

Ms. Amy Bresky

Ms. Beverly Brewer

Mrs. A. C. Brodie

Ms. Abbey Brown

Ms. Diane M. Brown

Ms. Karen A. Brown

Ms. Alice R. Bruce

Ms. Jean P. Buchanan

Ms. Diane T. Buchwald

Ms. Shirley M. Budden

Ms. Shirlee Burd

Ms. Nancy Butler

Martha Byington

Ms. Donna L. Cabral

Blake and Dorothy Cady

Mr. Joseph Cafasso

Robert and Linda Caplette

Ms. Sarah B. Caraganis

Ms. Marcia Carlson

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Carroll

Ms. Christine Carter

John Casey and Bruce Goddard

Mr. and Mrs. Karl Cederholm

Mrs. Jonatha Ceely

Ms. Kathy Chamberlin

Dr. Pamela A. Chatis

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Chichester

Ms. Marlene I. Childs

Ruth Christopher and Michael Vozzella

Ms. Carmela M. Ciampa

Ms. Jennifer Clark

Mr. Howard A. Cohen

Mr. Richard L. Cohen

Ms. Elizabeth Cole

Mr. and Mrs. John Coleman

Robert and Kathleen Collman

Andrew and Nicola Combes

Ms. Patricia E. Connor

Ms. Susan W. Cooper

Carl and Vivian Costa

Ms. China Cotton

Ms. Jackie Courtney

Ms. Judy Courtney

Mr. Martin Couture

Ms. Karen Cox

Mr. Julian Crane

Mrs. Birthe Creutz

Birthe Creutz

Ms. Jody Beth Crowell

Ms. Mary R. Curtin

Mrs. Gladyce J. D’Agostino

Ms. Susan E. Davis

Mrs. Patricia de Lemos

Ms. Cheryl A. Dean

Ms. Patricia Dean

Ms. Helen G. Dempsey

Mr. Raymond J. Denis

Steve and Debbie Denney

Christine Deshler and Michelle Durocher

Karl and Elenore Deubert

Ms. Lucy A. DeYoung

Mr. Robert Dias, Jr.

Mr. Joseph E. DiStefano

John and Esther Dolan

Susan and Richard Doll

Ms. Virginia Louise Doris

Bob and Melissa Dovner

Reed Drews and Lisa Iezzoni

Mr. Robert Drouin

Ms. Pearl Druss

Mr. Richard A. Dumas

Ms. Marianne Dunsford

Ms. Patricia A. Durning

Ms. Louise Dutka

Ms. Gwenn Earl Evitts

Ms. Anne Eberle

Ms. Kim Effron

James and Sandra Eldridge

Ms. Cindy English

Mr. Robert C. Estes, Jr.

Ms. Marilyn A. Everett

Mrs. Marion E. Evitts

F. Marino Meriden Foundation-F. Marino D’Amato Fund

Mrs. Florence H. Fabrizio

Ann and Bernice Factor

Dr. and Mrs. William Fagan

Ms. Jeannie Fazio

Ms. Michele J. Feinstein

Ronald and Deborah Feinstein

Ms. Ethel H. Feri

Ms. Sandra Fiebelkorn

John and Wenda Field

Dr. Steven and Lisa Finkel

Mrs. Ellen Finnie

Ms. Laurie Fisher

Mr. Robert Fitzgerald

Ms. Cheryl Forte

Ms. Susan C. Fowle

William and Marilyn Fowler

Mr. Frederick Fox

Jim and Marilyn French Shaw

Ms. Ann Friedgen

Mrs. Mary K. Frothingham

Ms. Kim Gagne

Mrs. Irene Gaitley

Ms. Diane J. Gallan

Ms. Ann C. Gallo

Larraine Gandolfi and Carol Bard

Ms. Susan Garand

Mr. Jason Garber

Ms. Mary Gardiner

Mr. Todd Garvin

Mr. Michael Gazala and Mr. David M. Cooperstein

Ms. Elizabeth Gell

Ms. Ilene Getz

Mrs. Pauline F. Gherson

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Gier III

Ms. Monica Gilardi

Ms. Monica Gillis

David Ginn and Richard Stevens

Ms. Elgie Ginsburgh

Ms. Sheila M. Girouard

Ms. Ruth A. Giusti

Gail Gold and Larry Loew

Dr. Merrill H. Goldwyn

Ms. Catherine Gonsalves

Ms. Susan Goodwin

Ms. Karen J. Gould

Mark and Diane Gould

Ms. Gloria Gray

Dr. Peter Gray

Ms. Mary G. Green

Ms. Katharine Greenewalt

Sam and Sue Greenlaw

Ms. Carol Greenough

Beverly Greenwold, MD

Murray and Barbara Gross

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Gudaitis

Ms. Maribeth Hamilton

Ms. Gloria I. Hardy

Ms. Anne R. Harris

David and Carol Hawkins

Ms. Ellen N. Hayes

William and Pat Hayes

Edward and Ellinor Hayward

Theodore and Barbara Hebert

Ms. Janice L. Henry

Mrs. Mercedes C. Hersom

Ms. Elizabeth Higgins

Peter and Donna Holden

Ms. Mary E. Hooker

Ms. Amanda W. Hopkins

Ms. Virginia R. Houston

Ms. Joanne R. Huber

Ms. Claudia Adams Hunter

Ms. Kimberly A. Hutchins

Mr. Louis J. Iandoli-D’Elia

Ms. Maria Ianno

Ms. Bernadette Iodice

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jeffreys

Ms. Gail M. Johnson

Mr. William Johnston

Mr. Frank W. Jones, Jr.

J.B. Jones and Rachel Sachs Jones

Mr. Owen P. Judge

Ms. Mitzi Kaitz

Ms. Deborah M. Karff

James and Fran Karimbakas

Dr. Harriet A. Karkut

Gerald and Phyllis Kassels

Ms. Aliki Katsaros

Gloria Katz

Ms. Elaine Kauffman

Ms. Virginia F. Keith

Bruce and Judith Kenney

Diane Kenney and Sharon Carrigan

Walter and Elizabeth Kenyon

Ms. Deb Going Kermensky

Ms. Barbara W. Kidder

Mr. James Kilbane

Ronald Kimball

Ms. Peggy Koehl

Ms. Arlyne Koopmann

Maria L. Koutny

Ms. Michelle Kovach

Ms. Helen M. Kowal

Mitchell and Myrna Krigest

Mr. Geoff Kronik and Ms. I-Min Lee

Ms. Marilyn R. Kudisch

Edmund J. and Lynne Kuhn

Ms. Laura Kurjan

Mr. John Kusel

Mr. Jeffrey Kwaskiborski

Ms. Cynthia L. Lawrence

Ms. Nelda Laws

Suzanne Leblanc and Carl Kaestner

Scott and Tamara Leclerc

Ms. Carol R. Leduc

Ms. Sandra Ann Lee

Stephen and Roberta Leecock

Ms. Carol K. Lennon-Longley

Ms. Ellen V. Leon

Ms. Jean R. Leone

Ms. Candyce LePage

Ms. Jenny Lepore

Mr. William Leveille, Jr.

Mr. Jonathan T. Levine

Ms. Rose A. Lewis

Ms. Catherine H. Lilly

Ms. Roberta I. Limoli-Barufaldi

John and Mary Littleford

Ms. Juli Lohnes

Ms. Cheryl Lonsdale

Mr. Ed Lowry

Ms. Carole Lucas

Carter Luke and Penny Schiller

Ms. Deborah A. Lynch

Ms. Mary K. Lyons

Ms. Marcia H. Macdonald

Ms. Jennifer R. MacDonald-Paleski

Mr. Wayne T. MacKinnon, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Norman MacLeod

Mr. George Maglione

Frank and Frances Malley

Ms. Stephanie Mann

Mrs. Stephanie Manuel

Mrs. Joseph Marconi

Mr. Larry Margulies

Jeanne Marino

Ms. Rhonda Marshall

Ms. Pamela Mason

Ms. Nancy Massa

Ms. Joan N. Mateer

Ms. Deborah Matthews

Mr. and Mrs. John McAbee

Ms. Deborah M. McCallion

Ms. Lisa McCune-Leduc and Mr. Steven H. McDonald

Ms. Irene McGourty

Ms. Patricia McGrimley

Mrs. Deborah J. McKown

Ms. Linda McLatchie

Mrs. Philip C. McLaughlin

Mr. and Mrs. Seamus McLaughlin

Ms. Maureen McQuillen

Zonda Mercer

Mr. and Mrs. Warren Messner

Ted Mielcarz

Mr. Mark H. Milligan

Ms. Elizabeth G. Mitchell

Ms. Brenda Mitchell-Powell

Mr. James M. Moffatt

Erik and Hannah Mollo-Christensen

Ms. Helen S. Mooradkanian

Ms. Elizabeth Mora

Ms. Becky A. Morgan

Ms. Kayren B. Morrill

Miss Coral H. Morton

Ms. Carla J. Moschella

Ms. Ellen Moses

Michael and Donna Moskow

Mrs. Irene M. Murnane

Ms. Jane E. Murphy

Ms. Josephine Murphy

Avra Myers

Ms. Patricia Nicholas

Ms. Patricia M. Nichols

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Nigrelli

Gilbert and Lynne Osborn

Mrs. Ronald Ostergard

Mark and Theresa Ouellette

Rod and Martha Owen

Ms. Shelia Owen

Ms. Karen Paddock

Ms. Beverly Page

Jan and Tony Palermo

Ms. Lisa Pallazi

Mr. Rodney F. Palmer

Mr. and Mrs. David Panarello

Domenic and Jan Paolini

Joe and Linda Passaretti

Ms. Emily M. Paul

Robert and Judith Peacock

Mr. Ronald Peredna

Robert and Jacqueline Perry

Mrs. Margaret Petracone

Sylvia R. Petterson, M.D.

Mr. and Mrs. John Pingree

Susan Pioli and Martin Samuels

Ms. Pearl E. Pizzolante

Mrs. Judith N. Plotkin

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Plunkett

Mr. Joseph E. Provino

Ms. Victoria S. Puglisi-Mazzio

Mr. John T. Putnam

Albert and Karen Pytka

Mr. Stewart B. Randall

Martin and Marian Rees

Mr. George K. Regan, Jr.

Mr. Brian Riccio

Ms. Marilyn A. Roberts

Ms. Susan Z. Robins

Ms. Harriet Rodman

Dr. William Rosenbaum

Paul and Jane Rosenstein

Leonard and Gail Rosenthal

Ms. Sandie Rotberg

Ms. Sally Rottenberg

Mr. Eric Rowe

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce J. Rubin

Ms. Ethel F. Rubin

Mr. Robert Rutkauskas

Lawrence and Lois Ruttman

Mr. Robert Sachs

Ms. Barbara Sack

Andy and Judy Sanderson

Ms. Barbara Sanel

Pat Santilli

Scott and Michelle Saunders

Ms. Mary Theresa Saurman

Ramon and Barbara Schaller

Mrs. Frances L. Scheckter

Ms. Ellen G. Schneider

Ms. Audrey Schubach

Mr. Fred Schulz

Mrs. Joan S. Schwab

Ms. Mary Jane Schwartz

Ms. Susan M. Scully

Ms. Mary P. Seman

Mr. and Mrs. F. Garret Shanklin

Ms. Valerie J. Shey

Mrs. Sandi Shriberg

Norman and Sara Sieman

Ms. Susanne Singer

Ms. Denise Sinico and Mr. Roger Angers

Ms. Barbara Sittinger

Ms. Brenda Sittinger

Ms. Linda Skole

Ms. Naomi Skoler

Ms. Andrea Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Smith, Jr.

William and Marcia Smits

Ms. Faith Snyder

Dr. Andrea Sodano and Mr. Charles Ladd Norton

Ms. Susan Soergel

Ms. Jean Sotiropoulos-Foss

Ms. Shirley Anne Spas

Mr. Richard J. Spead

Ms. Elizabeth Speert

Ms. Barbara Spencer

Jim and Terri Spevock

Ms. Carol Spooner

Roland and Suzanne St. John

Douglas and Kerry Stark

Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Stottmeier

Ann and Alan Strassman

Mr. Jonathan O. Swan

Ms. Adrienne Tashjian

Mr. Thomas H. Taylor

Linda M. Teller

Ms. Carrie Thomas

Klay and Krissandra Thompson

Miss Lenore Thornton

Ms. Joan Tieman

Mr. Joseph Tiro

Mr. Charles Toporek

Ms. Raffaella A. Torchia

Ms. Rebecca Tornblom

Mrs. Diana Tottenham

Ms. Mary E. Tovell

Ms. Susan L. Tracy

Stephanie Tribuna and Steven Campbell

Ms. Maria Troulis

Susan and Alan Tuck

Ms. Nan Tull-Wezniak

Ms. E. Paulyne Tunnell

Ms. Jacqueline Turin

Ms. Kathleen G. Ungar

Mr. Martin H. Uni

Ms. Winifred Uniacke

Dr. Margaret J. Uprichard

Ms. Paulette Vartabedian

Ms. Angela M. Ventola

Mr. Richard R. Veronesi

Dr. Francois C. D. Vigier

Mr. Jay Vincent

Mr. Joel Wall

Ms. Debbie Walsh

Ms. Gina Walsh

David Waryas and Pamela John-Waryas

Ms. Dorothea Watrin

Mr. Henry G. Weaver, Jr.

Mr. Robert B. Webber

Michelle Pol Wetlaufer

Ms. Ellen Whitman

Margaret Wiley and James Cunha

Mrs. Doris Willar

Ms. Linda Williams

Ms. Marsha D. Williams

Ms. Nancy Williams

Barry and Brenda Winston

David Wisholek and Christopher McBride

Ms. Karen Wolf

Ms. Nancy E. Wright

Dr. Bebe Wunderlich

Mr. Todd E. Wyner

Ms. Heidi Elizabeth Zastrow

Ms. Lory J. Zimbalatti

Mr. Warren Zola

*As of May 30, 2018