Donor Spotlight: Claudia Goldin

Claudia Goldin

Claudia and her husband, Lawrence Katz, have been supporting the MSPCA-Angell since 2007, increasing their donations to a leadership level over time.  Both Claudia and Lawrence are highly respected professors of economics at Harvard.  Claudia is an Angell client and has enjoyed canine behavior training with the MSPCA’s Kate Bigger and Michalla Bishop.


Claudia says:  “The MSPCA means that there is hope and care for lost and injured animals in the greater Boston area. It means that individuals and families can find a loving pet to adopt and that these pet guardians can be trained to take the best care of their pet. Training is a two-way street. I have used the classes offered by the professional training staff at MSPCA to train my dog Pika.  Pika is a competition scenting dog and has recently achieved his Excellent Title in Performance Scent Dogs (PSD). He and I have achieved this high level because of the MSPCA classes (and a lot of hard work). Training classes, like those at MSPCA, bring you closer to your dog and allow the animal to work and have fun. Thank you MSPCA.”

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