Donor Spotlight: Eileen McDonagh and Robert Davoli

Eileen McDonagh and Robert Davoli

Eileen McDonagh is a professor of political science at Northeastern University and her husband, Bob Davoli, is Managing Director of Sigma Prime Ventures. As a child, Eileen longed for a dog, but she was unable to make this dream materialize until more than 15 years later, when she and her husband became empty-nesters.  In the interim she provided a loving home for an interesting array of cats – strays, rescues, neighborhood kittens, and even a purebred Burmese.  Through her cats, she grew to know Angell, and is still in awe of the expertise Angell provides.  Eileen and Bob’s first dog was a two-and-a-half-year-old rescued German Shepherd, who had complicated health problems.  Angell’s Dr. Pavletic helped guide them through years of treatment.  Their second, and current, German Shepherd is called Balu.  Eileen says, “I quite often think, as I am sure many others do, how privileged we are to have Angell Animal Medical Center’s research and clinical care as a crucial resource for securing the wellbeing of our canine, feline, and other precious family members.”

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