Donor Spotlight: Isabel and Pilar Quintana

Isabel and Pilar Quintana

Isabel and Pilar Quintana, MSPCA donors for thirty years (and monthly donors since 2002), were proud to help Nevins Farm celebrate their 100th anniversary at the Blue Jean Ball in 2017 by serving on the event committee.

“There are other shelters,” Isabel explains, “but not another farm like this that helps animals all over New England. They’re the ones you call if you need to airlift a horse to safety.” But it took two elderly pugs to show the Quintanas how far the MSPCA will really go to help animals who have nowhere else to turn. Casey and Cody were 12 and 13 years old when they were surrendered to Nevins. They had never been neutered, and both needed dental surgeries and several biopsies. Their eyesight was failing. But worst of all, they seemed to be ready to give up.

Asked if they would like to foster the dogs, Isabel and Pilar rose to the occasion.  Casey and Cody were introduced to their elderly husky-mix, Bonnie, and began to thrive.  The Quintanas officially adopted the duo, and although Cody has since passed away, Casey is cheerfully approaching his seventeenth birthday.  We think Pilar and Isabel truly embody the compassionate spirit of the MSPCA’s mission.

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