MSPCA-Angell Joins Coalition of Animal Protection Leaders to Lobby for Ban on Elephants, Big Cats, Primates, and Bears in Traveling Shows

Rally on State House Steps to Include Legislative Sponsors, Animal Protection Leaders, Citizen Advocates, and One VERY Large Inflatable Elephant

MSPCA-Angell, Animal Legal Defense Fund, Four Paws US, Humane Society of the United States, Nonhuman Rights Project, Senators Bruce Tarr and James Welch, and Representatives Lori Ehrlich and Bradley Jones

The rally on the State House steps will feature dozens of animal advocates holding signs in support of legislation to ban exotic animals from traveling acts, updates from legislative sponsors and animal protection leaders on efforts to pass these bills into law, and a seven foot tall inflatable elephant that will serve as a backdrop for photos.

Tuesday, Oct. 22 from 10AM to 10:30AM

Directly in front of the Massachusetts State House on Beacon Street

The tragic death this fall of Beulah the elephant, who for decades was forced to perform in captivity and at The Big E Fair, has renewed efforts across the state to free elephants, big cats, primates, and bears from performing in traveling exhibits and shows—environments that can never meet the complex health and socialization needs of these wild animals.

A hearing on the bills (S. 2028/H. 2934)—which are currently under review by the Joint Committee on Tourism, Arts and Cultural Development—will immediately follow the rally.

In addition to the large inflatable elephant, the rally will feature dozens of animal advocates holding signs with images and slogans encouraging the ban, and legislative sponsors and animal protection leaders speaking in support of these necessary protections.

Legislative sponsors and animal protection spokespersons will also be available for interviews directly following the rally.

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