Dorchester Community Outreach

Our Dorchester community outreach program is driven by social justice to address the inequity in and lack of access to pet resources experienced by people in underserved communities. At the core of the program is the belief that people and pets belong together. Our Community Outreach staff goes door to door, block by block within the Four Corners and Grove Hall neighborhoods of Dorchester asking pet owners – “how can we help?”

This small area of Dorchester is less than a mile wide and encompasses the most extreme pockets of poverty within the city; 34.4% of the community lives below the poverty line. The two neighborhoods are also geographically isolated from veterinary services with no veterinary clinic or pet supply store within a 10 mile radius. We offer key services for free in order to remove financial barriers for owners.

Key Services Offered to Residents of Dorchester, 02121
• Free spay/neuter services for dogs and cats – Surgery packages include a physical exam, rabies vaccine, distemper vaccine, nail trim and microchip.
• Subsidized medical care that extends beyond a wellness exam for animals at risk with a good prognosis.
• Free yearly vaccine clinics hosted within the community
• Free pet food and pet care supplies
• Free behavioral advice and grooming support
• Free transportation to veterinary appointments

If you live in 02121 and would like assistance with your pet, please call Alyssa and Cailey at 617-524-5690 or email

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