Interesting Facts About Cats

  • A cat sees about 6 times better than a human at night.
  • When a cat drinks, its tongue – which has tiny barbs on it – scoops the liquid up backwards.
  • The ancient Egyptians were the first to domesticate the cat (in about 3000 BC), and used them to control pests.
  • Healthy adult cats are in deep sleep 15 percent of their lives. They are in light sleep 50 percent of the time. That leaves just 35 percent awake time, or roughly 6-8 hours a day.
  • Six-toed kittens are so common in Boston and surrounding areas of Massachusetts that experts consider it an established mutation.
  • A cat’s jaw can only move back to front, not side to side.  This makes sense because they are predators (meat-eaters), rather than grazers (plant-eaters).
  • It is estimated that nearly 40 million American households have at least one pet cat.
  • A female kitten can become pregnant as young as 4 months of age – a reason early spaying and neutering is so important!
  • Cats don’t really have nine lives…that myth became a popular saying because cats have keen senses and quick reflexes – and they tend to survive dangerous situations that other animals may not.
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