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Kitten Trapped in Truck Tire is on The Mend

November 4

This 4 week old kitten was found severely injured and stuck in the wheel of a truck. Lawrence Animal Control officers were trying to trap the kitten and his siblings last week to get them off the HubCat in truck tirestreets, but this kitten hid in a tire and got stuck. Animal control arranged an emergency transport to a local vet who examined the kitten and called us in to help He was removed by a towing company and received an emergency escort to a veterinary office, where they were able to do a quick evaluation. Once they realized the extent of injury, they called on us to help this tiny kitten. He is currently on his way to the MSPCA at Nevins Farm where we will provide the medical care he needs – from there he will be going to foster until he is old enough for adoption. We believe that at the bare minimum he will need an amputation, and will know more after we examine him, but expect the cost of care to be at least $5,000. Donate towards the cost of his care!

We will post updates here as we have them, so check back here to follow along with his story!


November 4

Thank you to all who donated, shared, and offered words of support for this 4 week old kitten who was found severely injured in the wheel of a truck this afternoon. Our vets cleaned him up, sutured the large wound on the upper part of his leg, and bandaged his foot. We are hoping we can save the leg and just amputate toes next week. He has a long road ahead of healing and moving into foster until he is old enough to be adopted. For now he is safe and sound in our care with plenty of love and pain management, and we will give you all an update next week.
Hubcat in crate

November 8hubcat 3

Little kitty from Lawrence update!

We have decided on a name – Hubcat! Hubcat is doing great in foster. He is eating well, and despite his injuries, he is moving around. He will be a wonderful pet once he’s fully recovered.

He will undergo surgery this week, and it will take him 4-6 weeks to be ready for adoption after that. We are still optimistic that we can save his leg!

Thank you all so much for your continued support! You can contribute to the care of Hubcat and animals just like him here!







#GivingTuesday is coming, and starting now your gift will be matched!!

Make your gift now so we can help more animals like Hubcat.

November 16

Dozens of adoption inquiries have now poured in for this little guy who’s getting just a little bit bigger and a little bit stronger every day. We’ve got this exclusive video of him recovering in his foster home. He is definitely going to need surgery to repair his leg, but first his little body is working hard to heal from an infection – he is doing a great job. Here he is showing off his special cast! He’s definitely going to need surgery to repair his severely injured leg, but first we have to clear up an infection. So, send all good vibes his way if you can.

November 17

Yesterday, we posted a video of Hubcat in his bandages, and a handful of you were concerned about the way his little toes looked so swollen and thought it might be a result of the bandages not being on properly. We wanted to give a little bit more context about what’s going on so you can better understand his injuries and treatment plan.

Hubcat came to us with severe and extensive injuries on his leg and foot. We won’t go into gory detail, but let’s say it looked bad enough that he got a siren ride from the scene of injury to the vet. He is now in foster care with one of our amazing staff members out of Nevins, who takes him to work with her every single day so that he can see the veterinary team. Every day they clean the wound, monitor him for signs of infection, and change the bandages. He came in with his little foot already super swollen from the injury – it is not due to the bandages.

Hubcat is receiving daily antibiotics and despite his paw looking so sad in pictures, he is walking, running, jumping, and playing with his sibings like a typical feisty young kitten! Once we are sure he is ready, he will need surgery on his foot. At this time we plan to amputate his toes but we are hoping that we can save the leg. We will continue to keep you all posted on his progress

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