Shalit-Glazer Clinic in Boston

The Shalit-Glazer Clinic serves the medical needs of homeless animals at the MSPCA Boston Adoption Center and provides one-day spay-neuter and vaccination packages to qualifying low-income pet owners in the Boston area. Appointments are scheduled Tuesday – Friday.

For Cats

$10 Spay-Neuter for Cats in Dorchester, Mattapan, and Roxbury

Thanks to special grants and the generous donations of individuals, the MSPCA Shalit-Glazer clinic is able to offer $10 spay-neuter services for kittens and cats who live in Roxbury, Mattapan, or Dorchester. All cats using this program will also receive a rabies vaccination, FVRCP (distemper) vaccination, nail trim and flea treatment. You will be required to provide proof of residency at your appointment.

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Free Spay-Neuter for Cats in Chelsea

The MSPCA has partnered with Hubcats Chelsea to provide free spay-neuter packages to Chelsea residents. Packages include spay or neuter surgery, rabies and distemper vaccines, microchip and nail trim.

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Low Cost Spay-Neuter for Cats in Greater Boston

Email us an application and we’ll review your eligibility for a low-cost spay/neuter appointment for your cat at our Shalit-Glazer Clinic in Boston. Prices range from $75-$115 depending on your financial eligibility.

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For Dogs

Low Cost Spay-Neuter for Pit Bulls

The Shalit-Glazer clinic offers $50 spay-neuter surgeries to Pit Bulls in the Greater Boston area. The $50 package includes the spay-neuter surgery, rabies vaccination, distember vaccination, nail trim, flea treatment and a microchip. Residents of Dorchester, Roxbury, Roslindale, and Mattapan qualify for free pit bull spay/neuter. Email us an application and we’ll review your eligibility for a low-cost spay/neuter appointment for your Pit Bull or Pit Bull mix at our Shalit-Glazer Clinic in Boston.

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Support Spay-Neuter Programs at the Shalit-Glazer Clinic

Your support allows us to offer subsidized spay/neuter services to qualifying pet owners at the Shalit-Glazer Clinic. Every contribution makes a real difference in the MSPCA’s efforts to end animal overpopulation in Massachusetts.

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See all Spay/Neuter Programs

Can’t find a spay-neuter program that fits your needs? See all the options that the MSPCA-Angell has to offer. Spaying or neutering your animal is an easy way to do your part to help us solve the state’s animal overpopulation problem.

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