Boston Adoption Center

Boston Animal Care and Adoption Center
350 South Huntington Ave., Boston, MA 02130; Phone (617) 522-5055
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MSPCA End of Summer Fee Waived Cat Adoptathon - Saturday August 29th - Sunday August 30th
Thinking about a new feline friend? Now is the time to act, because August 29th & 30th is the MSPCA’s End of Summer V” Fee Waived Cat Adoptathon! Thanks to generous donors, the adoption fees for adult cats over one year old will be entirely waived! With hundreds of amazing cats waiting at the MSPCA’s adoption centers for new homes, we’re certain to have the perfect match for your family. Please consider giving a forever home to a homeless cat in need - you’ll never regret it! Click here to learn more and click here to meet some of our available cats.

$25 Microchipping offered throughout the year
Have you thought about getting your dog or cat microchipped? Now is your chance! We are offering $25 Homeagain microchips and registrations to all owned dogs and cats. Just stop by the adoption center during our open adoption hours (Tuesday – Friday 2pm-6pm, Saturday – Sunday 11am-4pm). Getting your pet microchipped is the best way to ensure your pet will return home if he/she ever gets lost. Questions? Email

Our Lemonade Stand!

Check out a new great opportunity for kids to help animals! You don't have to be an adult to help animals! Even the youngest members of our community can take action for homeless animals.  The Boston MSPCA's Lemonade/Apple Cider Stand is a great opportunity for kids to host a fundraiser. The stand can be set up here at the Adoption Center any Saturday or Sunday from 11-4pm, and staffed by children of all ages (accompanied by a parent or guardian).  It’s also designed to be portable, so can be taken to off site events, schools, or even your own neighborhood. 

Get your "animal friendly" license plate!
Massachusetts Animal Coalition "I'm Animal Friendly" License Plates help provide spay/neuter services in our community.  Get yours today!

Barn Cat Program
If you have a barn or stable, you can help save a cat! Although the majority of cats can easily live as indoor house pets, sometimes we have cats whose only alternative is to live as a barn cat. Adopting a barn cat can help you control a rodent population in your barn, and will provide companionship for you and your other barn animals. Click here to learn more about our Barn Cat Program, or email Kelly at

Little Bookworm Club
The Boston Adoption Center hosts story time every for our youngest animal lovers every Wednesday morning. Click here to learn more about the Little Bookworm Club!

Help Animals in Need of Emergency Medical Care
Every day, animals come to the MSPCA who need emergency treatment. These are animals who were hit by cars, subjects of animal abuse, or surrendered by owners who couldn't afford the medical care they needed. Learn more about the MSPCA's Spikes Fund, which helps us care for animals in need of emergency medical care.

Need Pet Supplies? Buy them at the Adoption Center!
We have a wonderful retail selection for you and your pet companion! We stock leashes, collars, harnesses, and interesting toys for your canine friend. And your cat comrade will be quite satisfied to see our selection of toys, collars, scratching posts, carriers, litterboxes, and food dishes! We also sell Science Diet food for cats and dogs! Our prices are low, our items high quality, and all proceeds go directly to the Adoption Center. If you are planning to adopt from us, you can buy all you need to get your new pet comfortably home and equipped. Stop by and take a look. Our animals will thank you for it - and so will yours!