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Surrendering a Horse or Farm Animal

Many animals at Nevins Farm are surrendered to us by people who are moving, have encountered animal behavior problems, are surrendering an animal whose owner has died, or by those who didn't understand that owning an animal involves a serious commitment of time, energy and money.

Whatever the reason, Nevins Farm staff members try to resolve the problem first, allowing the animal to remain at home. When that is not possible, we ask that the owner surrender their animals to us, in hopes that we'll be able to find them another home. Please contact the MSPCA as you are in the process of making that decision. We look for plenty of notice so that we can be prepared for an animal to come to the farm animal care and adoption center. Donations are usually given at the time of the animal's surrender to help offset the cost of the animal's care while at Nevins Farm.


Contact Information:

If you need to speak to us regarding the possible surrender of your animal, please call (978) 687-7453, press 8, followed by extension 6113 to speak with a Barn Staff Member.

NEW: The MSPCA Equine Assistance Program
Thanks to a grant from the Alces Foundation, we are pleased to introduce the MSPCA Assistance Program, providing short-term assistance to horse owners in need, to help keep horses in responsible homes.  To learn more, click here.