Humane Education at the MSPCA

The MSPCA considers humane education for all ages a priority, as a means of fostering compassion, responsibility and respect toward animals, each other, and the environment. To attain this goal, we are committed to offering a variety of outreach programs to the public, including on-site tours of our adoption facilities and teacher resources available online. Some of our adoption center locations offer additional educational programs, including a children’s summer camp, adult education seminars, and a story time for young children. Click on the links below for more information.

 Information for Kids Suggested Reading • Coloring Pages • Animal Trivia • Kids’ Fundraising • Guide to Happy, Healthy Pets • How to Make a Difference for Animals

 Adult Education Before Acquiring a Pet • Animal Overpopulation • Dog Bite Prevention • Coping with Pet Loss • Living with Wildlife • Our Commitment to Pitbull Adoption

 Resources for Educators Lesson Plans • Ethical Dilemma Stories • Careers with Animals • Animals in Education • Developing Sensitivity

 Careers with Animals Career Fields • Books, Websites, and Other Resources • Professional Organizations • New England Colleges

Each MSPCA adoption center offers site-specific education programs as well. To learn more about tours, off-site visits, and other humane education programs available in your area, visit the links below:


Cape Cod/ Centerville

Methuen/ Nevins Farm