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Information for Kids

Welcome to the MSPCA's education page for kids!  This is a great site to visit if you are interested in learning more about animals and ways to become involved in helping the MSPCA.

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Did you know that chickens are descended from the Tyrannosaurus Rex?  And that cats sleep as many as 18 hours a day?  Visit this link to learn other fun trivia about MSPCA animals.

The following coloring pages were designed by MSPCA staff!  Please feel free to print for use at home or school.  Dog Page   Cat Page   Rabbit & Guinea Pig Page   Horse Page

This list provides kids (and adults!) with tips on responsible pet guardianship and teaching others the importance of compassion and responsibility.

Our pets need many of the same things that we do: food, water, and shelter, as well as exercise, medical care, and love!  This page has great information about keeping pets happy and healthy.

Welcome to the MSPCA's first online publication written for middle and high school kids!  Check in each month to learn about important animal care and welfare issues.

Are you too young to volunteer, but looking for a way to make a difference for animals awaiting adoption?  Let us help you find interesting and fun ways to contribute and help support the MSPCA.

This link features a young animal advocate's monthly interview with an animal professional. Learn what it takes to have a career working with animals.  Also visit our Careers with Animals page!

Visit our Humane Education page to learn more about site-specific programs, including tours, programs for Girl Scouts, summer camp, story time, and other kid-friendly activites and events.