Steps to Take Before Bringing Your Pet to a Shelter

Feel like you can not keep your pet anymore? Or have you found a homeless animal that you would like to find a home for? The MSPCA is here to help both you and the animal in your care.

Read about the most common problems pet owners face and possible solutions that can help you keep your pet for life. Learn tips on how to find a new home for your pet without having to bring your cat or dog into a shelter.

 Financial Resources for Pet Owners
Here is a list of organizations that provide financial assistance for pet owners in need. Each organization has its own rules and guidelines, so explore their web sites before applying.
 Evaluating and Modifying the Problem

It is important to explore all options before bringing your animal to a shelter. Here are some tips on how to work through the problems you might be facing.

 Finding a New Home
Your pet will be less stressed staying in familiar surroundings until he/she is in a new home.

 Surrendering an Animal to the MSPCA
If you are no longer able to care for or keep your animal, you can bring him/her to the MSPCA. Our shelters take in owned animals as well as stray cats and small mammals. If you find a stray dog please contact the animal control officer in the town in which the dog was found. 

Please select the location where you will surrender your pet for more information on the surrender process.