Cat Care and Adoption

Cats are a BIG deal at the MSPCA!  In fact, we take in and rehome more than 5,000 cats each year across our adoption centers.  From exotics like the Cornish rex to more common domestic shorthair breeds, there is a perfect match for every family seeking a feline companion.  Read on to learn more about cat adoption, and promotions and events taking place at your local MSPCA adoption center.

Casey was surrendered in the summer of 2008 because her owners lost their home.  She was adopted two months later by a family who saw her on Petfinder.

The MSPCA places lots of cats!  Click the link above to see photos and read stories about our many adoptable cats, young or old, short- or long-haired, striped, spotted, or solid.

Cats are the most commonly surrendered pet, not just at the MSPCA, but across the country.  Click this link to learn more about why so many cats are brought to homeless shelters.

Learn more about the diet, handling, and exercise needs of cats -- and decide if this is the best match for your family!

Cats should receive regular medical care, including yearly vaccines, to maintain their health and prevent potentially fatal illnesses.

Did you know that cats sleep as many as 19 hours a day? Click the link above to read more fun facts about cats and their wild ancestors. Visit this page to learn about a variety of cat behavior topics, from litterbox issues to destructive scratching.  We can offer tips to help manage common problems.

Click the link above to learn about special events or adoption promotions taking place at your local MSPCA adoption center.

Pet owners experience a special bond with their animal companions.  View our collected stories and photos of adopted animals in their forever homes by clicking this Facebook link.