How to Adopt - Cape Cod

Before you visit…

  • Please make sure you have considered the financial obligation involved in caring for an animal companion. This includes routine veterinary and emergency care as well as food, supplies and training. Although we can give you a general idea of costs, it is best to check with veterinarians, trainers and supply stores for prices before adopting.
  • Be honest with yourself about the time you have to train, groom and exercise the companion animal you have chosen. Some things to keep in mind: Do you work long or erratic hours, travel often or dislike outdoor exercise? Figuring this out will help you make the best match!

Plan a visit

Visit us during our open hours. Our selection of animals changes daily, so please visit us often to find your perfect match.

  • Plan to spend plenty of time to get acquainted with your new pet. We estimate that the adoption process will take about an hour, but it could take longer. The adoption center is a busy place, so we appreciate your patience!
  • Appointments are not necessary.
  • Bring all household members (including children and other dogs) with you to ensure your new pet is a good fit for your home.

Some Requirements

  • Valid photo ID.
  • Homeowners: Bring a document that proves you own your home (mortgage bill, tax bill, water bill, or deed). Please check your homeowner’s insurance policy for any coverage restrictions pertaining to the breed of dog you wish to own.
  • Renters: Bring a copy of your lease and the contact information for your landlord. We verify this information with landlords over the phone before sending a new pet home so please have the appropriate name and phone number available. We recommend you alert your landlord to this ahead of time and make sure you have clearance from them to adopt a new pet.
  • Other Pets? Bring information about your veterinarian (the clinic name and phone number) and a copy of your pets’ current vaccination/healthcare records. Other pets already in your household need to be
    up-to-date on vaccinations. The staff may call your vet to verify this information. This helps us ensure that everyone is healthy and ready for the addition of a new pet family member.

Estimated Adoption Fees (and what’s included)

All adoptions include Adoption Counseling and Take Home Care Info in addition to the below.

Dogs and Puppies

Puppy (1 year old and under): $300 adoption fee
Adult Dog (1 year and older): $250 adoption fee

  • Spay/Neuter Surgery
  • Rabies Vaccine
  • DHLPP Vaccine
  • Bordetella Vaccination (Kennel Cough)
  • Initial General Deworming
  • Heartworm Test and Heartguard Preventive
  • Microchip & Registration
  • Identification Tag
  • Flea & Tick Treatment or Preventive

You will need to bring a collar and leash for your adopted dog

Cats and Kittens

Kittens (under 1 year old) – $250
Adults (1 to 8 years old) – $150
Seniors (9 years and over) – $50 

  • Spay or Neuter Surgery
  • FVRCP Vaccines
  • Rabies Vaccination (for cats 12 weeks and older)
  • Initial General Deworming
  • FeLV Test
  • Microchip & Registration
  • Flea Treatment or Preventive
  • Initial treatment for Ear Mites as Needed

Please bring your own cat carrier or $5 for cardboard carrier


$55 adoption fee

  • Spay/Neuter Surgery


$50 adoption fee

  • Rabies Vaccine

Guinea Pigs

$25 adoption fee

Small Mammals

(Mice, Rats, Gerbils, Hamsters, Degus)
$10 adoption fee

Birds & Exotics

Cockatiel, Conure, Lovebird, Parakeet, Finch, Canary, Dove, Cockatoo, Macaw, African Gray, lizards etc.
Adoption Fees Varies

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