Educational Visits

At Nevins Farm

The staff and volunteers at Nevins Farm are happy to visit your classroom or attend a career fair to discuss a variety of important topics, including the mission of the MSPCA and ways in which each of us can make the world a better, safer place for animals.  Off-site visits are available during weekdays, from September through May, between 9am and 3pm.  Please book early to schedule an educational event!

Topics are tailored to the age group of the audience.  Popular presentation topics include:

  • A “Story Time program in which kids learn how to be gentle and safe with animals (lower elementary)
  • the fun “Animal Care Pack” game, in which kids learn about pet animals’ physical and emotional needs (upper elementary)
  • topics including “Myths About Pit Bulls,” “Positive Dog Training,” and “Cruelty-Free Consumerism” (middle school)
  • presentations on “Careers in Animal Protection,” “Global Animal Welfare,” and “The Power of Volunteerism” (high school)

For large groups (in an auditorium or gymnasium), we can offer a general presentation on the mission and work of the MSPCA, how our surrender and adoption programs operate, and how kids in the community can make a big difference for homeless pets everywhere.

Because the MSPCA receives no state or federal funding for our programs, we request a donation for our off-site educational visits.  Please email us at for more information on scheduling a presentation.  Depending on the presentation and the age and size of the group in attendance, we may be able to bring a kid-friendly animal with us during a visit.  Please keep in mind that we aren’t always able to accomodate these requests.

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