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The Angell West Internship Program

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Each June, Angell West welcomes a select group of veterinarians into its Small Animal Rotating Internship Program.  Applicants are selected through the Veterinary Internship and Residency Matching Program (VIRMP); details about the application process and deadlines are available at The Angell West veterinary internship program is a 13 month program. If you are interested in applying, please visit

 Overview of the Angell West Internship

The Angell West Internship is relatively new, with the first intern class starting in 2018.  This internship program has the support and experience associated with the longstanding internship program at the Angell Boston location. Since starting the internship program, we have been increasing the number of interns in each class and now have an internship class of 5 veterinarians.  100% of Angell West interns have graduated from the program since its inception.  Interns have gone on to residencies in various fields, specialty internships, or into general practice or emergency practice.

The internship commences in early June and ends in late June of the following year.  Applicants are considered on the basis of their academic record, letter of intent and letters of recommendation. A personal, telephone, or virtual interview is VERY STRONGLY recommended. Interview dates are available each year between November – January; please email Courtney Peck to schedule an appointment once you have submitted an application through VIRMP. Prospective applicants are also encouraged to schedule an externship at Angell West during their time on clinics during veterinary school. Externs meet with Dr. Peck during their time at Angell West, as well as have opportunities to speak with current rotating interns and other members of the Angell West staff.

Angell West is located in Waltham, Massachusetts and is a satellite hospital to Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston.  The goal of this internship is to provide the new graduate with a foundation in general and specialty medicine, through a balance of primary case responsibility, specialty training, mentoring and continuing education. At the completion of the internship, the candidate will have acquired and developed strong clinical skills, critical thinking, ethics, and communication skills. Interns are expected to learn all aspects of hospital procedures, including management of a wide variety of cases, generating appropriate estimates and communicating with owners and primary care veterinarians. Our large case load and emphasis on mentoring and learning will enrich the intern’s experience and prepare them for the rigors of residency training or private practice.

Angell West currently brings together specialty services in avian/exotics, behavior, cardiology, critical care, dermatology, internal medicine, surgery, and urgent care with 24-hour emergency care in its state of the art facility.  Any specialty services that are not provided at Angell West are provided by the well established facility in Boston, and the two hospitals work closely together to provide seamless, excellent medical and client care. Angell West is fully supported by the Angell Boston diagnostic imaging service, staffed by boarded radiologists, and the Angell Boston based diagnostic laboratory, staffed by two boarded pathologists.  Angell West is equipped with digital radiography, echocardiography, ultrasonography with Doppler and color flow capabilities, endoscopy/bronchoscopy, arthroscopy, laparoscopy, video otoscopy, computed tomography (CT), shock wave therapy, and major orthopedic power instrumentation. Angell West is also able to provide critical care support, including blood gas analysis, oxygen support, coagulation analysis, telemetry, and transfusion therapy. The E/CC and specialty services are all supported by Certified Veterinary Technicians (CVTs), who work on the clinic floor more than 95% of the time and provide technical and skill support to the interns as well.  In addition, Angell has the unique benefit of having two licensed social workers on staff to provide support both to clients and staff, particularly for those facing end of life decisions with pets.

This internship program was designed with the learning experience of the intern in mind. The current schedule has interns rotating through the following blocks: Internal Medicine (12 weeks), Surgery (3 weeks), Emergency/Critical Care and Urgent Care (23 weeks), Cardiology (2 weeks), Neurology (2 weeks), and elective rotations (8 weeks). During the scheduled 8 weeks of elective time, rotations in other specialties offered at Angell West can be scheduled, or rotations in areas of interest not represented at Angell West can be arranged at the Boston location. Out-rotations are also possible with approval.

A significant portion (> 90-95%) of the internship occurs with direct supervision; however interns are encouraged to become progressively more independent through the year as their knowledge base, skill sets, and confidence improve. During the internship, interns will have both primary and secondary case responsibility. On the E/CC and Urgent Care services, interns have primary case responsibility while enjoying support from senior clinicians. During the specialty rotations, interns more commonly have secondary case responsibility, but work closely with the specialists in managing their cases and play an active role in case management.

Daily patient rounds occur on all services, during which all hospitalized patients and some outpatients are discussed. Each intern is supported by an advisor, and is evaluated regularly by the staff on their professional performance, communication skills and progress in the pursuit of knowledge and clinical aptitude. The clinical services at Angell West work as teams, therefore good group interaction and communication skills are essential for the intern’s success. Interns must be able to work efficiently and effectively.

Interns participate in more formal didactic training at least once weekly. Interns are expected to virtually attend a once-weekly continuing education intern seminar. Angell has a weekly continuing education program for the veterinary staff and area veterinarians; these lectures are presented by the staff, residents, and guest lecturers, and the topics cover a wide range of interests related to veterinary medicine. Interns have unlimited access to Angell’s online library (over 27 periodicals) as well as the physical libraries at both West and Boston locations; the intern is also provided with a one-year membership to VIN. Due to the distance (13 miles) between Angell West and Angell Animal Medical Center, we recommend interns have access to personal transportation.

Interns are expected to work an average of 50 hours per week; the schedule is actively managed to ensure that this average is not exceeded. During non-E/CC rotations, the intern’s shift will occur during daytime hours, with an occasional late day/early evening as dictated by the specialists’ appointment schedules. On the E/CC and Urgent Care services, interns work a mix of daytime, evening, and overnight shifts. During the internship, interns are not expected to come in during scheduled days off, or to cover any clinical responsibilities when not scheduled to work. Interns are expected to assume on-call responsibility during their rotations with the surgery service.

In order to maximize the benefits gained during the year, concurrent employment at any other veterinary practice is discouraged. Volunteer work (such as at a local shelter) is permitted as long as it does not negatively impact an intern’s ability to perform during scheduled hours at Angell West. Interns may elect to work additional emergency receiving shifts at Angell West or at the Boston location (for additional compensation), if open shifts are available. Interns are not required to sign a non-compete agreement at any point during the internship.

This internship will fulfill all requirements for applicants interested in further advancement to a residency training program, and it represents an excellent opportunity for professional growth and development for those pursuing a career in general practice or emergency medicine.

Interns are required to be fully licensed in the state of Massachusetts prior to the start date. Interns are able to participate in the benefits package outlined in the MSPCA/Angell employment materials, including 3 weeks (150 hours) of paid vacation.

The above description reflects the program as of the date of this writing. This is a dynamic program; changes may be made at any time, leading to deviations from this description.

Prerequisites other than being a graduate of a college of veterinary medicine

  • Full licensure in the state of Massachusetts and a DEA license
  • Standard VIRMP Application packet
    • VIRMP application
    • Veterinary school official transcript from university registrar
    • Personal statement
    • Curriculum vitae
    • 3-4 standardized letters of reference
    • A personal, telephone, or virtual interview is strongly recommended. Please contact Courtney Peck to make an appointment.

Information for graduates of universities outside of the United States and Canada

We do not give E3 or H1B visas; we are able to give TN1 visas. Massachusetts accepts the PAVE.


  • The following outlines how an Angell West intern’s time is allocated:
    • Percentage of program intern is assigned to daytime primary emergency: 29%
    • Percentage of program intern is assigned to overnight primary emergency: 13%
    • Percentage of program intern is assigned to first opinion (primary care) clinics: 42%
    • Percentage of program intern is provided elective time: 15%
    • Percentage of program intern is required to work at a secondary (satellite) clinic: 15%

For more information

For more information regarding caseload, clinical responsibilities, didactic training and equipment, please visit and choose Angell West.

The Angell West Specialty Internship Programs

In addition to our Small Animal Rotating Internship Program, which offers multiple positions annually, Angell West offers select specialty internship programs for veterinarians seeking advanced training in specific areas.  Current offerings include an Avian and Exotic Medicine Internship and a Dermatology Internship.  Please visit and choose Angell West to see listed positions, and contact Courtney Peck with any questions.