Beaver Grant Funding

Thanks to a grant from the Nion Robert Thieriot Foundation, the MSPCA has funding to assist with installation of water flow devices to humanely, non-lethally, and ecologically mitigate beaver-related flooding in the Berkshires or Franklin, Hampden, or Hampshire counties.

Who can participate? Any individual, town, business, or organization in the Berkshires or Franklin, Hampden, or Hampshire counties.

What are the criteria? A willingness (of all parties involved) to resolve problems non-lethally for the long term, a site that is conducive to flow device usage, and permission of the landowners and the local Conservation Commission to install water flow devices.

How do I request assistance?  Send a description of your conflict site(s) and the limitations of your budget to the MSPCA for consideration.  Starting in the spring, we will evaluate the sites to determine if they are conducive to flow device usage.

Funding assistance: The amount of funding offered to each applicant will depend on the number of requests,  the amount of each viable request, and the ability of each requester to pay for part of the flow device, or the maintenance contract for the device, themselves.

Deadline: Requests will be accepted throughout the year until funding is exhausted. Requests will be considered in the order in which they are received, but financial need can play a role in some cases where funding is limited.

Send requests to: or via regular mail: to MSPCA, Advocacy Dept., 350 S. Huntington Ave, Boston, MA, 02130.

Questions: Email or call Melissa Gallagher (617) 524-5615

Please include the following  information with requests:

Name: _______________________________  Date: __________________________

Town: ___________________________________________________________________

Phone: ____________________________        Email: ____________________________

Site Description: ___________________________________________________________

Budget limitations: _________________________________________________________

Total cost estimate of water flow device: ________

Property owner contribution:                     ________

Grant amount request:                                ________

Download the application here to send via email or regular mail

Note: If you have a problem with beaver-related flooding in another part of the state, please contact us for more information:

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