Lowell Partnership for Pets

Through partnership with established social service organizations we hope to increase access to medical care, animal care resources and services for pets in The Acre and Back Central Neighborhoods of Lowell. The MSPCA at Nevins Farm and Lowell Humane Society, with the help of PetSmart Charities, is excited to offer

• Low Cost Spay/Neuter Services ($75 Dogs, $75 Rabbit, $10 Cats) – Apply Online

• $10 Wellness Veterinary Visits which include a physical exam, rabies vaccine, distemper vaccine, microchip, nail trim, heartworm test and initial preventative

• Free Pet Food and Pet Care Supplies

• Free Behavior Hotline and Personalized Behavior Consultations

• Free Transportation to Veterinary Appointments

If you live in Back Central or The Acre and would like assistance with your pet, please call or text Alison at 351-666-0243 or email

Read a recent Lowell Sun article about the Partnership for Pets Program.

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