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Ways To Help

There are many different ways to help the homeless animals on Cape Cod.  From donating items on our wishlist to planning a fundraiser, your support helps save lives.  Please contact the Cape Cod Adoption Center at 508-775-0940 for more information on any of the following.

Donate to the Cape Cod Adoption Center

So many animals are cared for each year at the Cape Cod Adoption Center, and we need your financial support to continue caring for each one on a daily basis.  Your general contribution helps us pay for the basics such as food, cat litter, and supplies as well as vaccines and spay/neuter surgeries.  Whether it is a one-time or monthly contribution, every bit helps care for the homeless animals on Cape Cod.

Support the Cape Cod Adoption Center today!

Guardian Angel Fund

Every day, animals come to the MSPCA needing medical care. Help MSPCA Cape Cod provide medical care for sick and injured animals who cannot care for themselves.  Read stories about animals helped by the Guardian Angel Fund.

Donate to the Guardian Angel Fund

Create A Fundraiser and Help the Cape Cod MSPCA!

Regardless of age, time restrictions, or skill set, every member of the community can take action for the animals. This is a great opportunity for each and every Cape Cod supporter to build the perfect fundraiser. Whether as an individual or as part of a group, you can make a difference for the thousands of animals awaiting adoption at the Cape Cod MSPCA.

What will you do?

Leave a Donation In Memory or In Honor of a Loved Pet, Friend or Family Member

For many of us, animals occupy a special place in our hearts reserved for our most loved friends and family.  Make a gift in celebration, memoriam or honor of a loved one.  Donations can be mailed or made at the Adoption Center during open hours.

Donate Items on our Wish List

The adoption center needs a variety of items to continue caring for our animals.  From bedding and toys to paper towels and office supplies, every donation helps!

View Wish List>>

Become a Volunteer or Foster Parent

Love animals?  Volunteer your time at the adoption center.  Or open your home and your heart to caring for a foster animal?

Plan a Fundraiser

Have a cool idea to raise money?  A great way to help the animals is to host an event and donate the proceeds to the adoption center.  Having a birthday party soon and don’t want gifts?  Why not ask friends and family to donate items from our wishlist.  Love karaoke?  Why not hold a karaoke party and collect donations.  The possibilities are endless!

See Event Ideas>>

Donate a Kuranda Bed

Give our dogs a nice, cool place to relax by donating a Kuranda Bed.  These sturdy beds provide dogs with luxury and comfort in their kennels.

Donate a Bed>>

Become a Sponsor at an Event

The Adoption Center holds two main fundraising events each year:  the Furry Affair silent auction and dinner in June and the Walk for Animals in September.  There are multiple opportunities to become a sponsor for individuals and businesses.  Please call the Adoption Center at 508-775-0940 for more information.

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