Pit Bulls – Changing Minds, Finding Homes, and Helping Owners

Pit Bulls – Changing Minds, Finding Homes, and Helping Owners

While the number of homeless dogs in Massachusetts continues to decline, the number of stray and surrendered Pit Bulls has remained high. The MSPCA’s adoption centers take in more Pit Bulls than any other type of dog. One in every four dogs brought to the MSPCA is a Pit Bull or Pit Bull mix. Pit Bulls also tend to stay the longest at our adoption centers waiting for a place to call home.

At the MSPCA, we are committed to helping Pit Bulls through programs specifically designed to create positive change for these misrepresented dogs.

Our innovative programs address the problems surrounding Pit Bulls from every angle.

  • Our Pit Pals Program works to decrease overpopulation through providing low cost vaccination and spay and neuter options.
  • Owner outreach programs are designed to decrease relinquishment of Pit Bulls by supporting owners and providing resources to meet their needs including behavior training and home ownership insurance solutions.
  • Our Humane Education programs are designed to debunk myths associated with Pit Bulls and elevate the status of Pit Bulls in our community.
  • MSPCA Advocacy and Legislative efforts are geared towards raising awareness of the issues surrounding Pit Bulls in our communities and their humane solutions.
  • Our adoption centers are committed to increasing Pit Bull adoptions and finding responsible homes for Pit Bulls that come through our doors.

Get to Know a Pit Bull Think you know Pit Bulls? Challenge your knowledge and learn more!

Dog Safety Tips Practicing and encouraging safe behavior around your dog is key for a happy, healthy relationship with your pet. Dog bite prevention applies to dogs of ALL breeds, ages, and sizes!

Pit Bull Coloring Page Click here to download our printable coloring page!

Pit Bull Training Team – The Boston and Methuen MSPCA locations hold training classes designed for volunteers working with shelter Pit Bulls, to train basic obedience behaviors and provide intellectual stimulation.

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