Tips to Find Lost Pets

Cat Color/Breed Guide

Breed and Cat Color GuideCat and Dog on sofa

Knowing how to best describe your pet will significantly increase your chances of being reunited with them.  Here are some resources to help you with the various breeds and colors of cats and dogs. 

Dog Breed Information

Dogs can be either described as purebred or mixed breed dogs. You can find purebred dog breeds on the American Kennel Club's website.  Mixed breed dogs are harder to describe. Even if you know the two specific breeds who were bred, the mixed breed puppy may not resemble either parent. In cases of missing mixed breeds, make sure you distribute a picture and describe the color, size, length/type of hair, shape of body and muzzle.
Cat Breed Information

The majority of cats fall into two breeds: Domestic Short-hairs and Domestic Long-hairs (based on the length of fur).  Siamese, Persians and Himilayans are also commonly owned breeds.  Besides these common breeds, there are hundreds of cat breeds which can be seen on the Cat Fanciers' Associations Inc.'s website.  Cats can come in all types of colors, which do not determine breed.
Cat Color Guide

  • Solid
    Solid cats have only one color and do not have stripes.  Some white cats have a gray or black smudge on their forehead.  These are still considered white-solid cats instead of gray and white.


black cat

gray cat
white cat
chocolate-colored cat
Chocolate or Brown

  • Tabby or Tiger Colors
    Tabby or Tiger cats have a stripes covering their body.  Some stripes are faint, thin lines whereas others can be thick, swirled lines.  It is common for tabbies/tigers to have white chins as well.  Pure black tigers are black with stripes and are very rare, whereas brown tigers are more common and can have both brown and black stripes.


black tiger cat
Black Tiger
brown tiger cat
Brown Tiger
gray tiger cat
Gray Tiger
orange tiger cat
Orange Tiger

  • With White
    Any solid-colored or tabby-colored cat can also have the addition of white.  White markings can vary on location (paws, belly, etc) and size (small specks, large patches).


black and white cat
Black & White
gray and white cat
Gray & White
orange tiger and white cat
Orange Tiger & White
brown tiger and white cat
Brown Tiger & White

  • Calicos, Torties and Torbies
    These three colors are used interchangebly; however, they are three distinct colors.  Calicos have three colors (usually black, brown, orange or white).  Each color are in large patches around the body.  Torties, or Tortoiseshells, are usually made up of black and orange (though usually black is the dominant color), which is "mixed together" instead of in patches.  Torties can also have patches of white on their body.  Torbies is a cross between a Tortie and a Tiger cat color.  Torbies will have stripes, which make them look similar to tiger cats, but they will also have the black/orange blend of the tortie coloring.


calico cat
tortie cat
torbie cat

  • Dilutes or Shaded Colors
    Dilutes have the same color scheme as their non-dilute counterparts; however, dilute-colored cats are lighter and not as strong, where the term "diluted" comes from.  Dilute calicos and torties generally have a mix of gray (instead of black), brown, orange and white.  Buff-colored cats are shaded orange cats, generally looking peach or cream in color.  Buff cats can also be known as cream.


dilute calico cat
Dilute Calico
dilute tortie cat
Dilute Tortie
buff cat

    • Pointed Colors
      Point-colored cats generally have color on their face, feet and tail (points of the body).  These points can be either solid or have stripes, whereas the rest of the body is white, light creme or gray. Lynx Points have stripes, most notably on their face. However, after breeding, each point-color has its own unique look. Point-colors are very common on Siamese, Persian and Himilayan breeds.


    chocolate point cat
    Chocolate Point
    flame point cat
    Flame Point
    lynx point cat
    Lynx Point
    seal point cat
    Seal Point
    seal lynx point cat
    Seal Lynx Point
    snowshoe cat