Donor Spotlight: Party By Design

Party By Design

Franny Andahazy and her husband Michael Nedeau operate Party by Design (PBD), the live-experience design firm in Avon, Massachusetts that has been causing guests at the MSPCA-Angell’s signature fundraisers to shower us with compliments for the past four years. Their company focuses on philanthropy, and our organization fits right into their love of supporting the arts, women, children, animals, and the environment. Dog lovers themselves, who are allowed to bring their pets to work, PBD staff members enjoy the fact that dogs attend our events. Franny says, “I can always remember at least five dogs under the dinner table and it didn’t matter if they were wet or sandy. To me, dogs in the house means home,” and imagines that she might have even been “a chocolate Lab in a prior life.” We are so grateful to PBD for their many talents, as well as for their generous support of our mission.

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