Donor Spotlight: Robert Torres

Robert Torres

If you’ve read any of our publications or gone to our major events, you’ve surely seen photos by our dear friend Robert Torres, who donates so much of his time and talent to us, and to whom we are truly grateful.  Getting good photographs of animals isn’t easy – but Robert’s artistry, patience, and obvious love for animals make it look that way.  Robert says: “I adopted my first cat 20 years ago at the MSPCA Boston Adoption Center – a skinny little ginger boy hiding in the back of a cage. ‘Kitty’ became his name simply because he was quiet, unassuming, and nothing else stuck. I became a cat person that night and for the next 18 years I was blessed with that beautiful cat in my life and I eventually added three more cats to keep him company. The MSPCA-Angell was also there when medical emergencies arose: two cats exhibited severe cases of luxating patellas that needed surgery and a surgeon at Angell Animal Medical Center – Dr. Sue Casale – gave them such great treatment that both have been walking normally ever since. I feel very fortunate to be a pet owner living in Boston.”

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