Holding Out for a Hero: Special Needs Dog with Uncertain Future Needs a Loving Home

“Blue” Suffers Degenerative Neurological Condition that Makes Standing and Walking Tough—but His Heart and Spirit are Unbroken

BOSTON and Methuen, Mass. March 5, 2019 – Eight-year-old Blue’s body may be ailing but the degenerative condition that makes it difficult for the homeless Pit Bull to stand, walk, run and play has done nothing to sour his spirit, according to the MSPCA at Nevins Farm staffer who has been caring for him since he was surrendered in January.

Blue ended up at the animal shelter when his previous owner died.  He suffers from a condition called Cerebellar Cortical Degeneration which affects the part of the brain that controls his fine motor skills, resulting in a “wobbly” gait and difficulty balancing.

As a result, Blue needs assistance with everyday activities like eating and drinking, and he cannot jump or use stairs unless he is carried.

“Blue struggles with balance—sometimes only moderately but oftentimes quite severely, so much so that it can hinder him from getting up unassisted or even walking,” said Abby Antonuccio, the adoption center shelter operations assistant at Nevins Farm, who is fostering Blue because life in a home is far easier for him than navigating the animal shelter.

Blue’s condition will worsen over time and there is no cure or treatment, which means it could take longer for him to be adopted into a new home.

“Despite his condition, Blue is so happy. He loves people and everyone that meets him adores him – his determination and love of life is inspiring. It strengthens my resolve to find him a loving home in which he can enjoy whatever time he has left,” said Antonuccio.

Antonuccio says Blue adores his toys and going for walks.  “Squeaky toys and tennis balls are his favorite! Although walking is challenging, he loves being outside and exploring. The exercise is great for him.”

Blue’s Uncertain Future

The MSPCA knows Blue’s condition is degenerative but what is unknown is how quickly, and to what degree, he will decline.  “All he has is this present moment and right now he is happy, playful and loving—and we know the right adopter will see that and bring him home.”

Blue is available for adoption now at the MSPCA at Nevins Farm and interested adopters can email for more information.


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