Responsible Pet Ownership and Caretaking

The MSPCA-Angell believes that responsible pet owners protect the welfare of animals, while at the same time ensuring that animals do not impact negatively on other animals, the public, or the environment.

The MSPCA-Angell defines a responsible pet owner/caretaker as one who:

  1. Provides for the physical, behavioral, and psychological needs of an animal for its lifetime. These needs include, but are not limited to: preventative and curative medical care, adequate and sanitary housing, a nutritionally balanced diet, appropriate grooming, sufficient training to ensure the pet’s safety and a comfortable lifestyle, companionship and attention, and adequate exercise;
  2. Obeys the laws relating to animal care and control;
  3. Does not contribute to the pet overpopulation problem by limiting the animal’s reproduction through spay/neuter, containment, or responsible managed breeding;
  4. Cares for only the type and number of animals for which he/she can provide appropriate food, water, shelter, health care, and companionship;
  5. Will provide a humane and appropriate alternative for a pet if for any reason he or she can no longer keep the animal.

The MSPCA-Angell further believes that responsible pet owners will provide for their animals’ needs regardless of whether the animals are household companions or are also kept for working purposes.

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