End of Summer V Fee Waived Adoptathon for Adult Cats

Adoption Fees Waived for All Adult Cats (Over One Year)
Sat-Sun August 29th & 30th
At all MSPCA Adoption Centers

On the fourth anniversary of the MSPCA's first-ever Fee Waived Adoptathon, the MSPCA once again will waive the adoption fee of $150 for all adult cats over the age of 1 year.  Thanks to generous donors who have subsidized the adoption fees, potential adopters can commit more comfortably to the ongoing care of a cat. 

In the last four years, the End of Summer Fee Waived Adopthon for Adult Cats  has meant that over 800 adult cats found loving new homes during the peak of summer, when the MSPCA adoption centers are full with hundreds of felines.  Summers are especially difficult, as a higher number of cats and kittens are surrendered during the warmest months of the year.  And while kittens are adopted quickly, adult cats often remain homeless for weeks or even months before finding a home.

This summer is no different, and the MSPCA is hoping to repeat the successful Adoptathon to find homes for the hundreds of cats currently in its care.

Why Adopt an Adult Cat?

An adult cat with an established personality that fits right into your lifestyle can often be the best choice!  Let us play match-maker and help you find the perfect cat companion!
To meet some of the MSPCA’s adult and senior cats awaiting homes click on the location below. We hope you’ll fall in love with one of these beautiful cats!


Centerville (Cape Cod)

Methuen (Nevins Farm)

About Adoption Promotions

Funded by the Ivan Smith Adoption Challenge and the Cat-vocates, 'End of Summer V' is part of a series of ongoing programs, designed to educate potential adopters about the variety of animals available and specifically to support the great need for homes for cats.

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