MSPCA-Nevins Farm Announces Second Fee-Waived “Companion Horse” Adoptathon

Organization Makes Bid to Find Homes for “Pasture Pets” by Waiving Standard $200 Adoption Fee in April

METHUEN, Mass., March 24, 2017 – March may come in like a lion but April will kick like a horse at the MSPCA-Nevins Farm, which announced today that all eight companion horses living on the farm will be available for adoption at no fee for the entire month of April.

Companion horses are those who are no longer able to carry a rider due to age, medical or behavioral reasons but who make wonderful pets to resident horses and other farm animals.  Nevins Farm will waive the $200 fee for these horses in April to place as many into permanent homes as possible while making room for new arrivals.

Nevins Farm’s first fee-waived adoptathon in November 2016 led to the adoption of “Stella,” a 22-year-old thoroughbred who spent the nineties racing professionally on tracks up and down the East coast only to languish in squalor on a Central Mass. farm before her surrender to in 2012.

Stella lived at Nevins Farm for nearly five years—watching some 200 other horses come and go—before she found a permanent home during the last adoptathon.

“As soon as I heard that Nevins Farm decided to focus on companion horses I knew I had to open my home to a horse in need,” said Barbara Smith of Ipswich, who ultimately adopted Stella.  “Four years is an incredibly long time to wait for permanent home and I’m proud and delighted to report that she is thriving on our property with her stablemate, Ike.”

Stella was one of six companion horses to leave the farm for permanent homes during the last adoptathon.

“Socks” Hopes to Follow in Stella’s Footsteps
Staff members hope that Socks, who at 13-years-old can no longer be ridden due to a previous injury that has led to arthritis in his neck.  Socks arrived in 2013 after having been abandoned by his previous owner.  He is one of eight companion horses who together have been living on the farm for combined 150 months.

“We’ll continue to pour our hearts into finding the best homes for ‘pasture pets’ like Socks who have lived with us for years,” said Gia Barss, barn manager for the MSPCA-Nevins Farm.  “There’s no doubt that when we’re able to occasionally waive the adoption fee, what follows is a tremendous surge of enthusiasm from adopters, which translates into adoptions for companion horses.”

Barss went on to say that even though companion horses can no longer be ridden they are ideal friends who offer other horses the security, friendship and social benefits that all herd animals need.

Nevins Farm will hold an open house on March 29 from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. so prospective adopters can meet the companion horses who will be available for adoption at no fee.  The Nevins Farm Tack Box will be open for business during this time and adopters can shop for new and gently used blankets, saddles and other gear.

For more information about the adoptathon readers can click here.


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