Nevins Farm Volunteer Program

The MSPCA relies on a large group of active, committed volunteers who help in the adoption center, in our equine and farm center and out in the community. This dedicated group of men and women help care for the animals, assist with special events, and work with local businesses and corporations – they are there wherever extra help is needed!

We are always looking for new volunteers. You may choose to volunteer as part of our traditional Volunteer program, or for those seeking a short term commitment to complete Community Service requirements, you may choose our Community Service program.

For either option, the first step is to complete an application for a volunteer orientation.  Volunteer Orientations and Community Service Orientations are held twice a month, including a weekend option and an evening weekday option.  To apply, please click on one of the options below.

Volunteer Program – Apply Now

Our Volunteer Program encompasses a wide variety of volunteer opportunities.  We are always in need of volunteers to provide hands-on care to the animals, ensuring that the shelter living environment remains safe, clean and as comfortable as possible. All efforts will be made to pair you under the animal heading of your choosing. Other opportunities include assisting with office tasks, greeting visitors, as well as helping with special events, the opportunities are endless! You will be asked to select your preference the day of your orientation. Please note that volunteers must be at least 16 years of age to participate (for volunteer opportunities for under 16, please see the links below).

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Community Service Program – Apply Now

We are happy to work with local high school or college students seeking internships or community service opportunities for National Honor Society or similar groups.  Because most community service is for a short period of time, tasks differ from our regular volunteer tasks, which require much more training.  We are able to offer some of the following tasks for short-term community service projects:
•    mucking stalls
•    doing laundry/dishes
•    office tasks such as filing, copying, etc.
•    sorting donations
•    general cleaning

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Are you or your child under 16 years of age?